Wednesday, March 20, 2019
I am running to bring opportunity to Fluvanna

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Those who call Fluvanna County home know of its amazing community, rural character, quality public education, and unrealized potential. Over the last four years I have had the privilege of working alongside my fellow Superivsors to build on that potential by serving the people of the county as your representative on the Rivanna District Board of Supervisors.

I believe we were able to accomplish a great deal and I was able to keep the promises I made including:

  • Water to Zion’s Crossroads 1+Million gallons will be available in 2019  from the James River
  • Push for smarter economic development:
    • Streamline Planning and improve zoning
    • Business friendly regulation
    • Improve signage regulation
  • Lower Business Property Taxes
  • Promote agri-tourism and agri-business
  • Positively promote Fluvanna in the media
  • Restore funding to our Schools
  • Invest in bringing state of the art technology to the Schools
  • Transparency in numbers
    • Push for a two year Budget Cycle and higher CIP request
    • Restore the Finance Committee to earn interest on our reserves
    • Broker First 5-0 Budget vote and two 4-1 votes
  • Strengthen First Responders
    • Supporting new Vehicles &  Equipment
    • Better training and funding
    • Opiod training and avoidance

Our community has changed for the better over the last several years and and is looking forward to a better future by finding and investing long term solutions that will grow the County and reduce the burden on the taxpayer.

Despite deep divisions, compromise and progress, were achieved and the effort to leverage one of our greatest resources, water from the James to Zions, is a reality.  We must contine to be visionary and look forward to properly address demographic, financial and infrastructure challenges that will meet the County's strategic vision, strengthen our financial well being and spur well planned growth and economic development.

I am seeking re-election, because we are now at the beginning of a new future for Fluvanna, and we must stay the course, each year improving over the last.  Together we started this change.  With your vote we were able to overcome 40 years of kicking the can down the road.  We cannot afford to revert to this mentality.

I  am so lucky to call Fluvanna home and, I want to continue to make a difference and be part of the solution.  I am even more passionate and committed to the success of our county and its citizens, and with your vote, I will continue to work diligently to meet our complex needs while being a vigilant steward of our investments in Fluvanna.

Humbly yours,

Tony O'Brien

Let's move forward!

I believe Fluvanna County needs leaders who will listen to their constituents and move us forward. 

I want to preserve the great core and spirit of our community and plan for our tomorrows.

I will bring transparency into the decision-making process, focus on a clear vision for economic development and work to balance the tax base.  

I have the experience, drive, and desire to get the job done